A Conservative grassroots utility. Dont let the left and the media be the only ones organized.

What is it?

Grassroots social media utility and support network
The unfair social media suppression algorithms of conservative media content
An end around big techs suppression of conservative news content.
A content distribution digital army on a back channel app out of the reach of big tech
Builds a conservative content distribution network
correct false information being spread by the left on social media in real time
Complete with a fact checker built right into the app.
2020’s presidential ground game
Let users toggle on an option setting to be linked up with our voter database for making calls and a hot map for canvassing your own neighborhood.

Donate to the cause for we need to build a voter database outside the party

Why it's needed

and why it's an app like no other

doesn't even begin to describe the organized machine we are up against. The left has control over academia, the media and big tech. While most of the right are stuck in a 2006 technomentality, we don't have to be limited by the box the left has put us in. We just have to be able to utilize the technology that is right in front of our faces. There are those who think we need another social media platform or government regulation... why? Not only is it not needed, government regulation and control is short sited. It may be fine when our side is in control but what happens when the other side is in control? Look no further than environmental regulations. We are in a war of information and deplatforming ourselves takes us off the battlefield where Facebook has 198 million monthly users and Twitter has 75 million monthly users. What other platform will you have that many potential eyes seeking content? Why not just make a conservative grassroots utility that not only acts as an end around conservative news content suppression but at the same time organizes grassroots, builds a distribution network that rivals the media and turns it's users into a election ground game juggernaut? All with one easy to use mobile app. The best part is you don't have to do anything until a push notification comes in.

  • percent of media

    coverage of Trump has been negative

  • percent of media

    describe themselves as Republican

  • Percent of Americans

    get their news from social media

  • percent overall

    decrease in conservative news content on social media

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We will be going through in order to build our own robust activist network
Phase 1


  • Gather users
  • Tweak the algorithm
  • Read user input
  • Analyze the trends
  • Use the app
Phase 2


  • Get content seen
  • Gather more users
  • Coordinate
  • Hone message
  • Expand voter database
  • Crowdsource data
  • Upgrade to Version 2
Phase 3


  • Use voter database
  • Coordinate with local leaders
  • Expand users in targeted districts
  • Target marketing
  • Help candidates that need $
  • Upgrade to version 3

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