November 26, 2018

The Strategy Overview

Before we can form a coherent strategy on how we move forward and politic in the 21st century, we have to have an honest assessment of the problems we face.  Some out of our control and some of our own making.  When I first started this "To The Republic Project" over a year ago, I had to identify areas we were lacking in, challenges we were facing and mechanisms we could put in place to alleviate the head winds.  The answer to some of these were obvious/easily solved and have been for awhile, some not so much.  But that list consisted of the following:

  • 1.  Media lies
  • 2.  Organization
  • 3.  Conservative content suppression by Big Tech
  • 4.  Constantly playing defense
  • 5.  Seen as an uncool party
  • 6.  Messaging failure
  • 7.  Election ground game
  • 8.  Party control over money and data
  • 9.  Building networks within liberal owned social media networks

Now some of these problems can be grouped together and solved at the same time.  Some will take more work to solve but all can be handled with a multilayered mobile app utility designed for grassroots.  A network of activists organized outside AND out of the reach of big tech.  So lets take these one at a time and at the end of each I'll explain how this app solves the problem.  But first this graphic shows the problems and the inherent danger of leaving social media at this time.

1. Media Lies

This is a huge problem.  We've just recently seen the way the media hones a narrative, as false as it is, with the border chaos.  They know exactly what they are doing when they do it.  It's not for us as republicans to believe or even for our consumption, it's for those know nothing democrat voters and those marginally attached to politics and still get their news from the legacy media.  It becomes a bigger problem when the intended audience shares their content on social media.  That's half the problem with deplatforming yourself from social media, unfettered diffusion of untruthful content.  During the 2016 election we ruled the rust and as we've seen, big tech had to do something about that.  They've throttled conservative news content to the point some have been sacked all together and others are down as much as 93%.  So this app is a truth app as well as a distribution network and when lies are reported, it is our users who will target those outlets with truthful content.


The only people who will see your content are the people who's thinking are similar to your own.  No minds will be changed.  It just becomes one big echo chamber when the whole goal of diffusion is to spread a message so more eyes are laid upon it.  At a certain point on a conservative based platform is eventually you'll hit a wall.  Yes, being on another is fine, but don't leave what is already there.  Facebook and Twitter have 198 million and 75 million monthly U.S. users per month, respectively.

Now back to this building of a distribution network.  How the media has a grip on the airwaves, is they have a well established means of distribution.  Initially it was through print, then radio, then television and lastly the internet.  The end readers and listeners of their content, through modern technology now have the power to flip that on it's head and distribute content in potential greater numbers.  The problem we face is that there is not the organizational structure to accomplish such a task in a meaningful, coordinated way.  Social media is half-assed organized chaos, a hodgepodge of what the actual f**k.  The problem with turning on notifications of social media news outlets and apps such as drudge report is 90% of what comes in my push notifications, as an activist, I just don't care about and won't make a lick of difference toward our end goals.  Which ties directly into #2....

2. Organization

This is where Democrats have a huge leg up.  The GOP is old and decrepit.  They think they are in the 21st century, but the are far from it.  While there have been some flashes of the 21st here and there, they are incapable of learning and making gains in the forever changing world of technology.  Look no further than the mentality of "we just need to start our own platform".  Ok, so what does that accomplish?  When you are in a war of information, how do you win when you remove yourself from the battlefield?  There are literally dozens and dozens of conservative/other social media platforms from Reaganbook, to Red-Pilled, MeWe and on and on and on.  But now we are back thinking in terms of 2006.  See, the Democrats actually learned something from 2016 and decided to unite their left leaning propaganda outfits that we have come to know now as shareblue.  You can learn all about it here.  For the last 2 years they have been building this network while the GOP has been asleep at the wheel.  However, we can now leap frog them with one simple, easy to use app.  All it needs is users.  The app itself is the organization by not being scattered by the draw of other social media platforms.  Now don't get me wrong, lets say Kimdotcom's platform blows up and gets big, we'll be using this app network there as well.  Now this organization network ties directly into #'s 3 through 9...

So lets run a scenario. A boycott of conservative advertisers is launched by Media Matters, Crew or one of the many usual suspects. Wouldn't it be nice to know this is happening now, in real-time and not be constantly paying defense hours later? To be able to smash the nonsense when it happens, together, organized. To have the peace of mind that you just smashed David Hogg or any leftist by a margin of 5-1, 10-1... dare I say 15-1?

Lets run another.  Take Lara Loomer for instance.  That dominated Twitter for a good 8 hours.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that at will with a news story the media refuses to cover?  If we actually work together, we can rule social media at the drop of a push notification.  One stick weak, many stick strong.

3. Conservative content suppression by Big Tech

There is a whole science to what people see, how many times they see it, when the information is remember and when the information is recalled when seeing something similar. It directly impact on diffusion. I'm assuming we all understand fundamental psychology. What we share on social media on the build up to elections, are the building blocks of winning voters over.As we touched on in #1.  Media lies, we know for a fact that conservative news content and even editorials, are suppressed.  Tech giants Facebook and Twitter  have suppression algorithms that limits the reach of conservative news accounts.  Meaning what they post will rarely show up on your timeline to share or retweet.  While our larger accounts on twitter especially, claim that if you just follow them, they will show you how it's done.  "Turn on my notifications"...  But no one ever delivers.  On the contrast side, people say things like "someone needs to come up with a way to organize and fix these issues".  The former are a bunch of rank amateurs, and we know who they are.  The self aggrandizing, I need to show up on periscope and comment on ever issue that comes up.  That's fine, but that's not really addressing the issue.  When was the last time you've seen any of them actually talk about strategy and how to win?  I came across this to win and it echoes so many others thoughts...

While the sentiment is absolutely the right one, how do we get there, right? The problems with APPs that are currently out there that social network and consider themselves news aggregators, is most of their push notifications we ignore till we have actual time to read what was posted. There's not one that sends you just the stuff we need to work together on to hone the narrative, push toward legislation and correct the record in real-time. I just looked at the NRA-IL App and it's filled with just stuff, good content but just stuff none-the-less. Apps do this for a reason, to make money. The more content, the more ads run the more ad revenue. It's just the business model of most Apps. So what I wanted personally in an App is just the coordinated, important stuff. To know that when my push notification comes in, shit's going down and it's happening in real time. I didn't want to be bogged down getting alerts all day on stuff I just don't care about in that regard. While everyone is thinking in terms of more, we are thinking in terms of less... but with greater impact. I also wanted it to be accomplished in under a minute. Keep it simple stupid, right?

Jack Dorsey of twitter actually explained exactly what we're doing with this part of the App, so to speak. Paraphrasing, he basically said conservatives will have to work harder to see and share content. Because he knows what we know... while they can suppress content from news accounts directly within their network, they can't do much about sharing directly from the source. So that's exactly what we did with the news aggregator. I'm hoping you can see how a lot of these problems dove tail into all or select problems we have. Just like this one ties directly into problem #9. So in short, we can get around their suppression algorithms by working for it, we made it easy and coordinated with this App.

So social media has forced us to do this but we're having to react and play defense, which brings us to #4... constantly playing defense on basically everything.

4. Constantly playing defense

While there are some things we do have to play defense on, most of it we do not.  Yet we are constantly on defense.  Not just in the context of messaging but in having to react to what big tech throws at us.  I wanted an app that could not only be agile but would allow us to actually go on offense.  When we first started development on this App, we used the API's that Facebook and Twitter provided.  Right as we finished up and started testing, Twitter changed theirs and created a whole host of problems.  So in speaking in terms of being agile, we just did away with them all together.  So when big tech changes the rules, we need to be able to adapt to the forever changing landscape of social media.  However, we need to have forward thinking agility.  What I mean by that is when we piss off big tech to the point where they want to change things, we will have already changed and moved on or at least have the plan in the works already.  In short, offense.   We did that with doing away with the API's.  We knew it wouldn't last forever and it didn't even last a day because they switched up the API in January 2017 and had a strategy already.  The whole goal of this App is to get enough users to be on offense, narrative and messaging wise, all the time.  Which also ties right into #'s 2, 6 and 7.  While we're talking about numbers, lets go over some since that's what this is all about.  Strength in number.  My twitter account has 38K followers.  I built my account with this app as the sole purpose in mind.  If i can transfer those users into app users we are causing some trouble.  But let's talk about the larger accounts, the percentages of App users it would take to achieve and not my little 38K.

100K App Users 250K App Users 500K App Users
Account Followers
Sean Hannity 3.84 Million              2.60%              6.50%                13%
James Woods 1.86 Million              5.40%            13.40%                 27%
Mark Levin 1.43 Million                   7%            17.50%                 35%
Trump 55.8 Million              0.20%              0.44%              0.90%

With 100k users, we're always on offense.  With 250K, we're pissing off all the right people.  With 500K users, we're dropping atom bombs at will, whenever we want.  Multiple issues at a time which leads us right into problem number....


5. Seen as an uncool party

This is the hardest nut to crack and will take the longest.  We are so behind the culture war for obvious reasons.  The left has Hollywood and Academia where they paint themselves as the cool kids.  What better way to appeal to the youth than an app where you get to "damn the man" and to stick it to the media, their corporate overlords, the establishment and get an education/red pilled in the process.  (to be continued)

6. Messaging failure

Everything that I've discussed earlier will contribute to fixing our messaging failure.  When I first made this list, this was my first identified problem.  No matter how right on an issue we may be, the messaging gets lost.  A lie spreads at the speed of stupid and the truth, which may not be far behind, is indeed, still behind.   No matter how big you think your account is, it pales in comparison to actually working together on messaging.

My developer team works for a digital media company which happens to be a subsidiary of another major media company.  They are responsible for apps that you most likely use everyday or on a weekly basis.  If they are confident in the concept and potential results of this app, I'm confident.  All it needs is users.  As a side note, we're working on a strategy and formula to actually pay our users and flipping the ad revenue game on it's head.  But that's a few versions away 😉

7. Election ground game

Everything mentioned thus far is all for not if we can't translate it into wins at the ballot box.  You will or may have seen our ads where they often say "unite, share, win".  So how on God's green earth do we do that?   We already know the GOP's ground game, without throwing expletives, is terrible and wholly inadequate.  For example, this election, no one from the GOP canvassed our neighborhood.  There was however a Democrat who showed up to talk to the 2 registered independents in the house.  So we've built into the back end of this app a structure to be our elections ground game.  An option that, when the time comes, can be toggled on where you are linked up with our voter database, in YOUR neighborhoods for calls and canvassing.  A form that shows up when doing the electioneering that shows the date and time contact was made and stored in our database among other information (I'll address this more in #8).  It will also come with a tool kit to register new voters and be able to give that information to our admins for entering in those newly registered into our database.  Now, when that option I mentioned is toggled on, a hot map will pop up and will map out where you need to go.  Our hub will also get a hot map which will show us how many users we have in each district, where we need to up our users and/or maybe need to shift users to a new district.  We will be able, together, to conduct an election ground game symphony that will make Democrats look like they are the ones stuck in 2006.  Which brings us to problem...

8. Party control over money and data

The GOP controls the voter data at the state levels.  They control which candidates have access to such data.  There is inherently a problem with this.  If they don't like a candidate that isn't party approved, sorry, you don't get access.  That has to change in order to get more conservative candidates the data they need in order to compete with the rino's.  The same side of that coin is also money.  If you don't agree to play ball with the party, you are shit out of luck.  The GOP has so much control that people don't even realize it.  We're going to change that by not only building our own voter database outside the party, but by taking the lower level donations that come from the grassroots away from the party.  We will never truly take power from the establishment until we do those 2 things.  The first is an insurmountable task without having the funds to do so.  Entering in 65 million people into a database is virtually impossible without having a huge staff to support.  So what we want to do is split that up into a 2 front attack.  1.  Paying a staff to do it and 2.  crowdsourcing it out.  You can donate to this cause here and/or you can sign up to help out here.  If you want to help, the only requirement is you put it in Excel form so a database can be created right from the excel document.  We will direct you to which state and which letter of the alphabet you get as well as the download of the template to use.  It has to be done that way in order to maximize efficiency.  This is one area we don't want or need redundancy.  We have literally 1.5 years to complete it so timing is of the essence for sure.Lets talk about the money.  I had previously mentioned a hot map that pops up.  There will be a donations part of the app, similar to actblue.  The difference is that we will show you on that hot map where your money is best spent by comparing the Democratic candidates funds to the Republicans, the candidates the party are ignoring, which candidates who need funds are competitive and a whole host of other data points.  We want to show you where you can get the most bang for your buck.  Doing this through our app will allow us to update that hot map in real-time.  So now your money isn't going to the party to be spent where THEY want it spent, it's going to those candidates who most need it.  The party will still have money from the big bundlers and other larger donations.  We are not trying to cripple the party, that would be counter intuitive. We are trying to seize some control and give it back to the grassroots.

9. Building networks within liberal owned social media networks

As discussed and pointed out previously, the problems with trying to build networks within networks.  So notwithstanding every problem previously solved with doing it this way, what happens if we tried to build this network on big techs platforms and our account gets suspended and/or deleted?  That network ceases to exist and we'd have to start all over.  So an app, outside the control of liberal social media control was needed.  We see what happens all the time when twitter 86's account.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a network of activists who have your back when such things occur?  A real, true digital army.  If one of our users social medias accounts has to start over, hit up our hotline and let us know.  We will send out an alert to our network outside of the matrix, letting them know, so you can gain back your followers in droves.  The only thing that we obviously ask, is that you follow back those who take the time to help you rebuild your account.  You may just actually end up with more followers than you previously had.


Summary and side notes

This "To The Republic Project" that my group launched back in July of 2017 has logged more than 5K man hours from concept through strategy, development and supplemental development.  We hope that our grassroots and fellow patriots see the wisdom that we see in such result of those efforts.  This isn't something that we slapped together over night.  As I stated earlier, my development team is top notch.  Experts at marketing, web development and geocoding.  We simply built an app that we ourselves would want.  We will be building this App and it's user base in phases...  that you can find on our home page here.  The time is now, not tomorrow.  Yes we do charge for the app at $3.99, a one time fee that helps the effort in building the voter database.  Big date development is big money.  This isn't something we want to get rich off of.  We have other apps we have coming out for our first responders and healthcare that we plan on monetizing.  Beware any app offering themselves for free.  We are all old enough and should also be now fully aware of anyone offering anything for free, i.e. Facebook/Twitter.  They are making money off your information on the back end.  We want this app to be a self contained network of patriots who know what To The Republic actually means.  We don't just want to win, we want to smash them on their own platforms.  Whether we just have a few thousand users where our network primes the pump for diffusion or 100's of thousands of users to take over messaging at any given time of any given day....  We ask that you join in this effort and let all your friends and followers know what is going on here.  The users of this app will be 100% anonymous.  No one will ever know unless you tell them publicly.  We are not doing any paid advertising for this app until next summer, so word of mouth is the key.  This app will only be as powerful as the amount of users who have it.  Take the power back!  It's easier than you think.

I hope we have touched on the most important parts of the strategy.  There is a 10k word dossier we have, but for time constraints we had to cut it down into a smaller read.

Please consider subscribing to our social media accounts.  It's where we will be posting videos, some ads and discussing what is happening regularly.